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It’s Christmas eve and I have spent the morning digging out paths from snow. As a lawyer you might think that I would have had a well-developed intellectual property strategy for this blog but in a demonstration of why cobblers children are always the worst shod I have gone from ignoring it entirely, via knee-jerk … Read more

Broadband aid (do they know it’s Christmas)

Re-reading yesterday’s post, I hope it wasn’t too close to a law firm client update – that is not being the point of this blog. I thought I’d try to redress the balance today, and as I drove from London to Exmoor for Christmas, with the snow by the side of the road steadily increasing, … Read more

Net neutrality: religious or secular war?

Some years ago I was reading one of those very thought provoking articles in the end of year bumper edition of the Economist.  The gist of the article was that you could compare societies along different dimensions and depending on the dimension you chose could get very different groupings to those we are familiar with.  … Read more

(Digital and mobile) money, money, money

Trying to write an interesting blog about the intersection of law, policy and regulation with telecoms and technology is somewhat challenging.   Three posts in and I seem to be relying on references to popular culture to pep things up – this time 1970s disco. The use of stored value in the form of money is the cornerstone of … Read more

Watching the connectives?

First post.  It feels slightly intimidating, so I thought that describing the thought process that has brought me here and what I want to achieve would be a good start. I turned 40 this year and it is the mark of a generational shift that I have ended up as a senior technology and telecoms lawyer without … Read more