Mobile banking and payment: what consumers really want?

Mobile banking and payment is a recurrent theme for this blog. I have previously posted on rumours that the iPhone 5 might contain NFC technology, and mused on the possibilities unlocked by the integration of mobile payments with location-based offers and services. This week sees both the publication of the (Monitise sponsored) Future Foundation’s research on emerging trends in … Read more

Significance of mobile data growth

Whilst this blog often picks up on topical news, sometimes I am prompted to reflect on some of the meta-themes that provide the context for day-to-day news. I have recently been thinking about the issues facing the mobile telecoms industry over the medium term and it seems to me that thread that ties it all together is the growth of mobile data … Read more

UK Government starts Communications Act review

As previously anticipated, the UK started this week a wholesale review of the legislation in the communications sector. Minister Jeremy Hunt published an open letter seeking replies by 30 June. The letter addresses 3 themes: Growth, innovation and deregulation; A communications infrastructure that provides the foundations for growth; and Creating the right environment for the content … Read more

UK Parliament launches inquiry into spectrum

The UK system of government and regulation can sometimes be confusing, with the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the House of Commons this week announcing an inquiry into the use of spectrum in the UK and issuing a call for written evidence. The Select Committee is neither the national regulatory authority with responsibility … Read more

BT accounts reveal fear of retrospective price adjustments

BT announced its annual results today. Press comment focused on BT’s profit growth and the reduction in their pension deficit. However, both of those stories are not quite such good news for BT as might be supposed. Profit growth came from BT cutting costs faster than the fall in BT’s revenues – trends which are … Read more

Microsoft buys Skype: comparison with eBay deal logic

The big story yesterday was the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 billion. It was only 6 years ago that eBay bought Skype for $ 2.6 billion. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the publicly announced rationales for the deals. First, here is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday: “Skype is … Read more

UK Information Commissioner makes a mess of cookies

The UK’s Information Comissioner has not done a great job in introducing recent changes relating to the use of cookies. They put out very late, confusing guidance and finally (the day before the rules came into force) decided to give a year’s grace period in enforcing the new rules. Background From 26 May 2011, as a result … Read more

Lenders over-exposed to real estate move into TMT

I was lucky enough to chair Olswang’s semi-annual CPD catch-up day for in-house lawyers today. It was a very interesting set of talks (for those who are interested I commented using twitter, see: #olswangcpd), which covered a wide range of topics: Session Speaker biographies Materials Employment update: the latest red tape changes and other hot topics (Daniel Aherne, … Read more