Cambridge Wireless Mobile Broadband Special Interest Group meeting 20 January 2011

Whilst it is very tempting to blog about the new government’s reconsideration of the Bribery Act announced yesterday (and if you are not aware of this, you probably should be), my blogging guru tells me it is important to keep focussed on the main event, so its back to a lawyer’s take on technology and telecoms.

Some of you may be familiar with Cambridge Wireless, but for those who aren’t, it is a Cambridge focussed networking organisation for wireless companies.  Hubbed around the University and with touchstone founder members such as ARM and CSR, within its space it is already achieving what the rather more publicised ‘silicon roundabout‘ aspires to do – the UK has a real cluster which is driving company formation and growth and product innovation.

I am honoured to be hosting an event for one of their special interest groups next week on 20 January at Olswang’s offices in London.   Cambridge Wireless has a number of special interest groups and the event is the second event being run by their mobile broadband special interest group and will exploring the balance between delivering an excellent customer experience and driving network efficiency.  Keen readers will detect a recurrent theme emerging in this blog – see previous posts on industry trends, net neutrality and content delivery networks.

The event has a knowledgeable set of speakers:

and I am looking forward to the debate.

As the host, the watcher has a couple of spare event places, so if you are interested in attending and don’t already have tickets contact me (@rbratby) on twitter.