How we work

We listen, understand and collaborate

Each engagement starts with us listening to you. We work hard to understand you, your business and the challenges you face.

We will work with you. We will also work as part of a virtual team in your organisation or alongside other service providers in collaboration to achieve the best outcome for you.

We deliver

We take time before each engagement to understand what you want, and by when.

We will check that we have capacity to help you and be transparent about our capacity and availability.

We project manage all our engagements to ensure that you get the outputs you need at the time you expect. 

Clear charging structure

If the scope of your project can be defined, we will fix a fee with you and stick to it.

Our time rates are transparent and fair, with material discounts for advance purchases of days or weeks. These can be combined with retainer arrangements.

Flexible engagement models

We can work with you on a traditional law firm engagement model.

We co-counsel for law firms and consultancies either as a disclosed sub-contractor or as a ‘virtual team member’. 

We can provide a fractional or interim General Counsel service.

Virtual operating model

Conceived and born during the 2020 pandemic lock-down, Bratby Law uses cloud-based technology in a permanent virtual operating model.

In addition to our own skills and resources, we have long-standing relationships with a network of professionals and firms with complementary expertise and in other jurisdictions. We regularly work with our network to provide solutions to meet our clients’ needs.