Ofcom consults on revision of (half of) UK’s general authorisation conditions

As anticipated, Ofcom yesterday started a consultation on its plans to update the UK’s Conditions of General Entitlement i.e. the obligations placed on all telecoms operators in the UK that rely on the UK’s general authorisation.

Ofcom has decided to split its review into two parts, with this first part dealing with network functioning, public payphones, directory information and numbering conditions.

Interested parties have until 11 October to respond.

The second part, dealing with consumer protection issues will follow later in the year.

On initial review, many of the changes seem welcome – in particular the proposals to simply, clarify and address the long-standing bugbear of confusing drafting that defines terms such as ‘Communications Provider’ differently in different conditions.

It seems that the only new regulatory proposal is adding a power to withdraw allocations of number blocks where there are not in use, which seems unobjectionable.