Watching the connectives?

First post. 

It feels slightly intimidating, so I thought that describing the thought process that has brought me here and what I want to achieve would be a good start.

I turned 40 this year and it is the mark of a generational shift that I have ended up as a senior technology and telecoms lawyer without having a blog.  As junior lawyers now start work, we routinely ask them to blog on topics and extol the virtues of a connected online presence.  However, you should never ask others to do what you are not prepared to do yourself, so as Britain grinds to a halt after a little gentle snow, my (very non-techie) wife’s launch of her blog has finally prompted me to start doing something that part of me has been nagging me to do for a while.

The process of blogging seem straightforward and it has been easy to populate the site with widgets and relevant links.  The name, however, was harder.  My colleague’s blog (Colin Long’s Telecommentator), has set a high bar, and it is remarkably difficult to find a catchy name that isn’t already in use.  

The starting place has to be the focus of the blog – I spend my days thinking about the legal issues in the telecoms and technology spaces, but a blog about that seems to me to be of limited interest.  Instead, I thought that a blog about the decisions and actions of the key players would be of more interest: the policy decisions of governments, the activities of regulators, court judgments and the reactions and activities of commercial market participants.  Those participants are called many things, but terms like the digerati seem rather cliched.

Then inspiration struck.  The introduction to Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” is an all time classic, and via Dirk Gently’s musings on the ‘general interconnectedness of things’ it was one short leap to ‘connectives’ as a general description of the blog subjects. 

Bear with me.