Corporate social responsibility


We are part of the society in which we operate.

We have responsibilities to a wide range of stakeholders.

A responsible business is not simply concerned with profit maximisation, but also doing good. We try our best to make a difference through our efforts in relation to:

  • encouraging social mobility
  • promoting diversity and inclusion
  • combatting climate change and helping the environment
  • promoting the rule of law and human rights
  • providing free legal advice to those unable to pay for it
  • providing charitable support

Social mobility

The two founders of Bratby Law grew up in Coventry, West Midlands and Stanford-le-Hope, Essex and were the first generation in their families to attend university.

We passionately believe that the opportunities available to individuals should not be down to where they were born, who they know or where they went to school.

Rob Bratby mentors students at Greenwich University school of law to help them achieve their true potential, regardless of background.

Members of the firm provide monthly financial support to bursary programmes for disadvantaged students at St. John’s College, Cambridge and City University.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe in every person’s unique value and dignity and reject discrimination on any grounds.

We understand that we are privileged and unconsciously biased.

We do everything we can to make sure that our word and deeds value each person on their own terms and that we are mindful and address our privilege and bias.

Climate change

We are temporary custodians of our planet for the next generation. Climate change is real and happening.

We minimise our carbon footprint and seek to make a positive environmental difference in our daily lives and actions.

Rule of law and human rights

We believe that respect for the rule of law and human rights are the bedrock foundations of an open and tolerant society. We work with other lawyers and the Human Rights Committee of the International Bar Association to promote the rule of law and human rights.

Pro bono

Progressive cuts to legal aid means that large groups in the community now have no access to affordable legal advice.

Rob Bratby provides free legal advice on benefits, debt and family law for individuals unable to other access legal advice at the East Greenwich Legal Advice Centre.


We are a proud supporter of the Billable Hour initiative.