Who we advise

We work with telecoms providers, digital businesses, data-intensive businesses, law firms and governments and regulators.

We provide a fractional and/or interim General Counsel service.

Telecoms providers

We have worked with telecoms business in different lines of business, varying stages of development and all around the world.

Whether you are an established multi-national multi-division business or a start-up we can help you.

Rob has rounded experience of working in-house at a telecoms operator and the UK telecoms regulator.

Digital businesses

We have particular expertise working with data centre providers, tower providers and on-line businesses.

We have worked both with our on-line businesses and traditional business using technology.

Data-intensive businesses

Both personal data and big data are board level issues for businesses of all types.

Come to us for issues and perspectives beyond box-ticking GDPR compliance.

We have advised on cyber-breaches and crisis management. If this happens to you – call Rob.

Law firms

We act as UK and EU local counsel to international law firms.

We co-counsel on telecoms, digital and data issues for the largest transactional law firms.

We can act as your local counsel, or as ‘white-label’ member of your team.

Governments and regulators

We have advised governments and regulators in Europe and Asia.