Singapore adopts 10 year master plan to become IP Hub for Asia

On 1 April the government of Singapore adopted a ‘Intellectual Property (IP) Hub Master Plan: Developing Singapore as a Global IP Hub in Asia’. Despite the date, this is emphatically no joke.  The plan helpfully summarises its key aspects in the following diagram:      The initiatives adopted are: OUTCOME / ENABLER KEY STRATEGY INITIATIVE Outcome 1:A hub for … Read more

Internet access a human right?

Human rights are clearly important. However, (and the watcher is nervous of stepping into Ken Clarke territory here) some are rather more fundamental than others – so I was somewhat bemused to read the recent United Nations ‘Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression’ by Frank … Read more

UK Government starts Communications Act review

As previously anticipated, the UK started this week a wholesale review of the legislation in the communications sector. Minister Jeremy Hunt published an open letter seeking replies by 30 June. The letter addresses 3 themes: Growth, innovation and deregulation; A communications infrastructure that provides the foundations for growth; and Creating the right environment for the content … Read more

Creative commons – open source for blogs

It’s Christmas eve and I have spent the morning digging out paths from snow. As a lawyer you might think that I would have had a well-developed intellectual property strategy for this blog but in a demonstration of why cobblers children are always the worst shod I have gone from ignoring it entirely, via knee-jerk … Read more