Mobile broadband at heart of Europe’s recently adopted Radio Spectrum Policy Programme as WRC 12 concludes in Geneva

The wheels of European legislation have slowly turned, and last week Europe adopted a five-year radio spectrum policy programme, at Parliament’s second reading under the co-decision procedure. Readers will recall that last summer two key issues remained outstanding between the Council of Ministers and Parliament – the date by which the 800 MHz band should … Read more

Ofcom issue revised penalty guidelines

Ofcom today issued revised guidelines on the penalties they may impose on those breaching rules policed by Ofcom. The new guidelines replace prior guidelines dating from 2003 and apply to a rag-bag of over 40 potential contraventions, although significantly not competition law. In a departure from Ofcom’s default ‘if in doubt write a long document’ … Read more

EU Telecoms Ministers approve WRC-12 plan but disagree with Parliament on Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

European processes can seem labyrinthine, even to insiders. Whilst normal EU legislative processes are just about understandable, decisions and processes relating to spectrum are even more impenetrable than other processes as the EU doesn’t have exclusive competency – instead it needs to works alongside other bodies including the ITU and CEPT. The EU’s Council of … Read more

European Commission tries to marshal stakeholders for World Radiocommunications Conference 2012

The European Commission published on 6 April a Communication on policy objectives for the International Telecommunications Union World Radiocommunications Conference 2012 (WRC 12). WRC 12 is the next quadrennial meeting of governments and other stakeholders to coordinate international spectrum policy and to update the Radio Regulations. In marked contrast to many Commission documents, the Communication shows the Commission’s nervousness at Europe’s negotiating … Read more

Broadband for the ‘other three billion’

Over the festive break I was musing on the broad benefits on getting the populations of developing countries connected.  Amongst the barriers  hindering ‘in-country’ network roll-out are opaque mechanisms for spectrum allocation and management and concerns over the rule of law and property rights. One approach that may address some of these issues is the deployment … Read more