EU and UK set out digital plans for coming decade

The European Commission has proposed a ‘digital compass’ to set its course for a digitally empowered Europe by 2030. The UK’s Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has also set out its top ten priorities for a technology driven future to ‘build back better’ following the Covid19 pandemic. European Digital Compass At a press …

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Prospect of increased regulation in UK for digital giants

The Competition and Markets Authority, the UK Competition regulator, has said it will act against Facebook and Google if the government doesn’t set up a digital regulator within a year. According to the Financial Times, Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of the CMA, said: ‘Plan A is to have a regulatory framework. If [within a year] …

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US restrictions sound death knell for Huawei?

The US has updated its rules to prevent Huawei’s access to commercially available chips that use US technology in a move that could sound the death knell for the Chinese telecoms firm. Under new restrictions, announced on Monday 17 August by the US Commerce Department, companies globally will need to obtain a licence to sell …

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UK excludes Huawei from 5G

UK excludes Huawei from 5G and broadband networks: the UK Government has announced a U-turn on Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks, following a meeting of the National Security Council, that will delay 5G rollout by two to three years and increase costs by up to £2 billion.